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Weight Loss and Weight Management
How can this program help me?
      You can achieve weight loss by eliminating high-caloric, refined, nutrient-poor foods.  The ideal weight management system is not a quick fix-instead it is a long-term committment.  You will need to make lifestyle changes that will continue long after our time is through.You will be working toward sustained, long-term weight management. 
      Although you will obviously need to make changes, I take various approaches to weight loss and will design a program that fits your life-style and needs.  Typically, I recommend a cleanse/gut reconditioning program for most individuals to kick-start the program and begin balancing body chemistry.  Most individuals who are over weight are not balanced and experience chronic inflammation, which leads to pain and disease. 
      Exercise will ultimately be a part of the program, but I refrain from prescribing programs initially, unless I feel you are ready.  I prefer to change body chemistry and get you feeling better before beginning a program that I design.
Benefits of the program have significant, positive effects on the biochemistry of the body.  You may notice the following:
-improved weight management results
-increased energy/vitality
-better digestion
-less bloating
-clearer thinking
-clearer skin
-shinier hair
-disappearance or lessening of past conditions
-better sleep
What can I expect from the doctor?
      You can expect support for the entire duration of your journey.  I will help design a program to fit your schedule and make it as easy as possible to succeed.  Much of the program centers on what you eat, but will also include supplements and whole foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support all the major organ systems.  In addition, I regularly text/e-mail my patients with encouraging words throughout the process.  I will educate you to eat for success!
      After we are through and you are on your way, you will have learned how to treat your body better by eating healthier and exercising more frequently.  You will see how the unhealthy things you have craved during the program are not as desireable as you thought.  You will see how they make you feel and you may find that they don't meet your expectations.  Even after reaching your goals, you will want to continue with the program we design together.
      I ask that you enjoy the journey as you will experience ups and downs, both physically and emotionally, as your body heals.  You can continue on the road to maintaining your health and supporting your weight management goals.