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Keeping Strong and Flexible!
  The hardest part of the job is helping my patients maintain an active lifestyle.  It should be no surprise that studies are consistently being published revealing the positive effects exercise has on the body.  Physical exercise can help manage pain, inflammation, depression, diabetes, heart disease.....etc.  You get the point.  I always will prescribe the appropriate exercise/rehabilitation program for those patients interested in taking there health a step further.   
Strength and Core Stability
     I can prescribe those exercises in my office or refer out for those patients that can afford and need individual attention.  For maximum results, I recommend Chuck Valenti of maximum Fitness.  You will find the link in the table of contents.   If the patient can strengthen the weak/painful area, there is always some improvement in function.  There is a reason I focus on the core for spinal complaints, it is the center of gravity for our bodies!  Specific home programs can be recommended to fit your level and schedule as well.
     Flexibility is just as important as strength.  Tight muscles can be the cause of the problem or set you up for injury.  The appropriate exercises are usually prescribed in the office and do not need  referral.  Often I will do specific stretches on my patient as part of their care. 
     If you feel you are not ready to use exercise for rehabilitation, remember there are different levels available.  In addition, I can recommend different weight loss plans or refer out to specialists.  In some cases, the exercise part of the program will be prescribed after the pain and inflammation are under control.  Getting you out of pain and enabling you to manage your problem is what I do!