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Orthotics/Pelvic Stabilizers
by Footlevelers           
     Your body begins from the ground up.  I
believe the feet are the foundation of the body. Correcting imbalances in the feet can correct imbalances throughout the body.  If you suffer from pain in the feet, knee, low back, hips and even the upper torso, stabilizers may be of tremendous value.  I am on my feet for most of the day and have found relief with my orthotics.          
    Your feet are the foundation of your body.  They support your entire anatomy and are important for spinal stabilization.  If you suffer from just one weakened arch, the other parts of your foot (thus body) have to try and compensate.  This will lead to stress and compromise in both your feet and body.  It is like a chain reaction.       
    I can provide treatments that reduce or eliminate pain, but if your feet are a part of the problem, it is only time before the symptoms return.  I always like to use this example for my patients.  If I am treating you for headaches, but you go home every night and bang your head against the wall, you will most likely continue to have headaches.                 
    By providing you with stability and balance, the orthotics will improve your body's efficiency resulting in less pain and better performance.        Please call today to schedule a consultation/examination to determine which orthotic is best for you.                                         
How do I get my orthotics?
      I love this company and this product.  The entire process is easy and this product easily has the highest satisfaction rate in my office. 
      I will begin by analyzing your gate to determine if you pronate or supinate.  Measurement and analysis are done on the arch to determine the strength.  I have two methods for casting.  I can have you step into a foam casting kit or analyze the feet on a footlevelers scanner.
A digital printout is generated that can be sent directly to the company over the internet.  Some patients prefer the foam casting kit over the scanner.  Both give good results and the patient will receive the orthotics within 3 weeks. 
      They have an excellent selection based on weight, health, activity level and age.  I personally love the sandal orthotics. I recommend you follow the link to footlevelers for more detailed information on their products and how the orthotics work.