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You are What You Eat!
     Nutrition should be the cornerstone of every doctor's practice!
Your body can only use what it has been given to repair and heal.  I do not understand why this has not become the top priority in every office.  Whether you are fighting disease or injury, supplementation should be part of your healing process.  The majority of us do not eat the appropriate diet and we have too many "quick" meals which are not nutrient dense.  In addition, through the use of pesticides and fertilizers, the foods we do eat are not as nutritious as our ancestors.  Personally, I supplement my diet and try to encourage my patients to do the same.
What should I take? So what kind of supplements are best?  Most consumers look for the best price and buy the cheapest supplement.  You usually will get what you pay for-a pill most likely in the wrong proportions that is less absorbable than pharmaceutical grade.  The best supplements will be bought from a respectable health/vitamin store, chiropractor, nutritionist, naturopath or nutritionally minded medical doctor.  All high quality vitamins will require 4-12 pills/day.  People should not be intimidated by the thought of taking multiple pills a day.  This is usually not mega-dosing, you are just giving the body the best opportunity to absorb nutrients.  Think of the supplements as food, not medicine.  The manufacturing process is very important, and cheaper supplements (i.e. once-a-day tablets) are poorly manufactured and mostly synthetic.  Throw away your once-a-day!
      I only use/recommend wholefood supplements.  I can prescribe certain herbs/vitamins/protein for a certain condition, patient goals or general health.  Items can be purchased elsewhere on this sight (product page) or directly through my office.  For nutritional guidance, feel free to schedule an appointment.  In addition, I will soon be publishing a book on basic supplementation and the benefits each major vitamin/mineral provides.  I have found most literature is confusing and simply too much of a read for the average person.  I have condensed all of the important and necessary information into a small book for an easy read.  Information will be provided on how to acquire the supplement book when completed.