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Natural Medicine
     All disease responds favorably to proper supplementation and foods.  Nutrition can not be thought of as a cure, but more as support for the area of dysfunction.  In many cases, the need for medicine is eliminated or reduced.  Proper weight control and exercise do fall into this category as well.  It should be noted that the use of herbal remedies is phytotherapeutic as well as nutritional.  It is therefore important that dosages be followed carefully.  When treating for specific disease (ie. cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, thyroid, etc.), I almost always use Standard Process.  The reason is simple, the do not use synthetic products.  Everything they use is wholefood, NOT SYNTHETIC, unlike the majority of products people use.  Standard Process owns 1000 acres of certified organic farmland on which they grow produce for their products.  The process by which these supplements are made continues to be the unique low-heat vacuum to maintain the "alive" nature of the food. 
      In general, I will do my best to get you as healthy as possible which WILL improve your situation!  I preach getting healthy, not simply pumping you full of pills to cover-up the problem.
What can I expect on the first visit?
     You can expect to receive a free consulation outlining the program that will be formulated for your condition.  You will be asked to fill out a survey form, toxicity questionnaire and complete a food diary.  This can be done over the phone, by mail or in person. 
      The first visit will consist of a history and nutritional exam.  If I have received the proper forms, we will also begin to prepare a more detailed treatment plan.
      Additional visits can be expected and will significantly differ from person to person.
What is the treatment like?
      The treatments will vary greatly, depending on the situation/pathology.  The type and quantity of supplements will vary based on disease.  The common theme will consist of supplementation (clinical nutrition and herbs), change in diet, weight loss when necessary, exercise and possible in office treatments if warranted.
      Ultimately, it is up to you.  You have want to get well and be willing to get healthy.  Being unhealthy is much easier, but the results are obvious.  DO YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER?