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Myofascial Release Technique(MRT)
Release technique is a system of massage and active body movement. Many of the common problems my patients face are due to muscle overuse.  Over-used muscles can be a result of acute trauma (sprains/strains), repetitive motion (micro-trauma) and muscles not getting enough oxygen.  Over time, the end result is a build up of adhesions/trigger points/scar tissue.  This may reveal itself with a reduced range of motion, inflammation and pain.  Additionally, nerves can be entrapped by soft tissue (i.e muscle, ligament) causing numbness and tingling sensations along the nerve.
What is a treatment like?
     Each session is a combination of examination and treatment.  Based on what I feel (tightness/texture of tendons and muscle) and examination,   I will provide a tension along the tissue while the patient follows a range of motion.  This will break up the adhesions/trigger points/scar tissue along the region treated.
Many common problems people suffer from are a result of over-used muscles. Some of the consistent problems I see associated with over-use are:
back pain
carpal tunnel syndrome
shin splints
shoulder pain
plantar fascitis
tennis/golfers elbow
knee problems
These conditions can often be resolved quickly and permanently with release techniques!