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McKenzie Protocol Key Benefits
  • Accurate diagnosis of the cause of the mechanical disorder
  • Appropriate assignment of prescriptive exercise
  • Thorough patient education
  • Increased independence and self-management
      The McKenzie approach is a system of mechanical evaluation and treatment, which is highly effective in management of mechanical spinal (back and neck) pain.  This is a common approach I use for acute disc pain.  My goal is to centralize nerve pain to the spine.  I actually will put the patient in various positions and locate the position that takes the leg/arm pain away.  This will give me enough information to develop a series of exercises for home that will work well with office visits.  The initial exercise is typically in extension.

     To the left is one example of a common exercise prescribed (extension).  Please consult your doctor before attempting.  It is possible a different exercise is more appropriate for you.

Using patient history and mechanical evaluation, the McKenzie trained therapist is able to classify spinal pain into one of three categories:

Derangement syndrome: This is most commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”
Dysfunction syndrome: Short and tight tissue restricts movement and causes pain
Postural syndrome: Pain is directly related to maintaining poor posture over time

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