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Advanced Cold Laser Healing
Fast. Effective. Safe.
Cold laser therapy is cutting edge technology that rapidly heals tissue and is clinically proven to eliminate pain.  Cold laser therapy can be extremely powerful when used alone or in combination with muscle release techniques, ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation therapy, physical therapy, decompression, joint manipulation and clinical nutrition.  I am trained/certified in these modalities.  I often combine various therapies to obtain the best results.  Our patient's preferences and input are always an integral part of the treatment plan.  As the optimum goal differs distinctly for each patient, and each person's body responds differently to diverse therapies, a personal rehabilitative program will be specifically designed to fit your needs.
Benefits of laser therapy Alone
Rapid Cell Growth
Laser light accelerates reproduction and growth.
Anti-Inflammatory Action
Lasers reduce swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints.
Faster injury healing
A laser can stimulate cell development and accelerate collagen.
Increased Metabolic Activity
Lasers can increase the basic food source for cells, increasing cell metabolism.
Increased Vascular Activity
Laser light increases blood flow to damaged tissue.
Stimulated Nerve Function
Laser light can speed up the process of nerve cell reconnection bringing the numb area back to life.
Reduction of Scar Tissue
Imagine the benefits of cold laser technology combined with additional proven therapies!
Treatable Conditions
Some popular laser treatable conditions include:
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Heel Pain
Plantar Fascitis
Tennis Elbow/Golfer's Elbow
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Rotator Cuff
Scar Tissue
Shoulder Pain
And More.....
Many of these conditions are treated by laser alone.  In some cases, additional therapies will be provided for greater results!
Frequently Asked Questions For Cold Laser
Do Cold Lasers Burn?
     No. There are generally two types of lasers in the healthcare business: heat generating lasers cut through tissue for surgeries and cold lasers, such as I use, help stimulate healing, reduce pain and increase cellular metabolism.
Do Lasers Work?
     Yes.  Laser therapy is safe and effective (http://www.emersonww.com/ClinicalDataLaserResearch.htm).  The results are often immediate and my success rates surpass 80%.(world association for laser therapy)
How Do Lasers Work?
     The laser light interacts with tissue/cells causing certain chemical reactions to occur, stimulating the healing process.  Just as light from the sun stimulates plant cell growth, laser light increases our cell metabolism.
What Other Therapies Can I Expect?
     In some cases, I will only use cold laser therapy.  Some cases will need additional care.  I also utilize ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation therapy and active release technique.  Active release technique aids in releasing the muscle and breaking up adhesions.  I always encourage physical activity and prescribe strengthening/stretching exercises if the patient wishes to take their care further.  I am a licensed chiropractor and am trained in joint manipulation and decompression for those patients seeking chiropractic care.
How Long Does Therapy Take?
     Treatment time varies from a few to 30 minutes.  The total number of treatments varies from 5-25 depending on age, health and severity of condition.